Urban spaces

The early years of professional career are dedicated to the study and research related to urban spaces.

The design competitions for the redevelopment of urban centers are the tools to explore the theme.

Bio-architecture and sustainability

The research begins in the early 90s and the academic program ends in 1998, with the obtainment of the post-graduate bachelor's degree.

Academic course that ends with the presentation of a project for the construction of a science and technology park in the city of Faenza. Essentially a laboratory of bio-architecture, funded by CNR, ENEA and Polo Ceramico of Faenza and coordinated by the architect Leon Krier.


The study of the oldest building systems, technical and materials, forms, has always interested me, not to reproduce, but to reuse dialectically.

In Italy and Brazil I have done research related to the profession and sometimes for academic reasons, that helped enable me to understand the relationship of the buildings with the land, the climate, the behavior of materials.


Wood structures

In the first period, in Italy I use the wood to the horizontal structures, floors and roofs, often coupled to the iron. In Brazil, due to its immediate proximity to the sea, the salty air and the poor iron availability, I choose to use wood for the complete structure, using it even in vertical structures (pillars).

Design and lighting design

I've been interested to design customized solutions that address situations of the moment.
Some the design choices are influenced by the principles of sustainability: use of reforestation wood, search of scrap wood on the carpentries, use of natural fibers.


Topic that I begin to develop with the partecipation in the competition "Living Box", the house of the future. The idea of a portable home that is able to interpret the contemporary lifestyle in terms of living comfort and architectural language.
In 2015 the studies for a new version were resumed.


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