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A house designed on the north side of the  Ilha Grande Island, looking at the Pedra Furada Island, at the entrance of the Camamu Bay, west of the Maraù Peninsula, State of Bahia. Miguel Rodrigues, the hypothetical customer, director of the Globo TV for 10 years, with a filmography of 4 successful soap operas, as well as films and short films, laid down the outlines of the project: a residential building, which may be used as a location for movie set, scenic, with a wide view on the bay and respectful of the vegetation, which is expected to be seized on at the most.




Ilha Grande,




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From the regular shape of the parallelepiped, cuts are made to adjust and optimize the transition of the  sun. On the east side, a perpendicular cut at the entrance of the sunlight allows the full illumination in the morning, with the aid of large windows. On the west side, the oblique cut and the circular cut out, for the insertion of the house around the tree, allow its protection. Another clipping, always round, on the north side, in correspondence of another tree, accomplishes the complete exploitation of the green: the vegetation enters the house. The elevation and the large windows guarantee the widest open view on the bay.

A project inspired by modern architecture, wich in Brazil has a singular and interesting interpretation. The free plan, the piloty concept, the continuous windows are fundamental principles that combine with the environment and the climate. Colorful and natural cement, steel, wood and bamboo are the few materials chosen in the project due to the difficult availability. Internally, it is an open space with functional corners orbiting around a  "domestic square": the relaxing corner and the home teathre, reading and game corners, interchangeable, which can become simple places of conversation. The rooms are openable and expandable too, with simple sliding curtains, that close and open these spaces, divided by spaced white wood strips, ensuring transparency.

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