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The construction project, in the “Barreta dos Três Coqueiros” are two houses, one main, consisting of 4 suites with balconies and common areas, and a support with two bedrooms. The search for traditional materials, combined with modern architectural lines, attention to new housing requirements and the application of the principles of bio-architecture, determined the lines of the project.


New Construction


Barra Grande, Bahìa, Brazil



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Built on reinforced concrete foundations, on a stilt system, it has a structure, framed in self-claved eucalyptus, reforestation wood.

The walls are block and wood. The roof is in piaçava, with an irrigation system for passive cooling, it also has plates with a solar heater system. The doors and windows are made of wood and glass. It has an adequate sewage disposal system, through the installation of a septic tank, sedimentation and oxygen tanks, final wetland of sub-irrigation. The well water will be treated with an appropriate filter system.

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