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Located at the entrance to Piazza Castello, the building, according to the planning tool, was to house the new premises of the Magistrate's Court on the upper floors, currently located in the adjacent building. Subsequently, following the transfer of the main functions to the Court of Cittadella, the first and second floors were released for private use. Today on the ground floor we find a bar and a shop, on the upper floors an accountant's office. Externally it appears as a "full", massive volume, given its location as a corner building and its function, of public origin. .






Padua, Italy



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Tripartite in height: the brick string courses lighten it vertically. The only concession to the "puncture" of the compact volume: a gallery located on the east side of the building that crosses it in a south-north direction and which connects the square with the internal courtyard. Since it is entirely built in solid masonry, the solidity of the facade obviously corresponds to a structural strength. Strategic also in terms of location, between Piazza Castello and Piazza Vittoria, its corner position gave it an important role in the fifth it belongs to. The structure of the roof is interesting: two wooden trusses support a steel frame, 340 mm HEA, which forms the diagonals of the hip roof; the wooden beams fit, on one side, into the steel profiles and rest, on the other, in the perimeter masonry. This self-supporting structure made the use of pillars superfluous. Result: a free plan of 12x15 meters.

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