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The structure of the project is characterized by the buildings modeled on the free spaces among the trees and by the bridges crossing the central river and connecting the two parts of the lot, wich are cut off from the waterway.

Besides, of course, respecting the former installations, not just because it puts it as a constraint.







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At the entrance of the property there is a large parking lot close to a basement building for centralized heat production. Proceeding towards inside of the lot, the first building you meet is the employees’ house, molded around the trees, with capacity to accommodate 10 to 12 people. In correspondence of the house we meet the first crossing river bridge, the most used by guests for being the shortest path from the car park to the bedrooms (six bedrooms out of seven have the entrance to the west side of the barn). Further on we find the stone barn which remains the largest and most significant building. For this building there is a conservative intervention on the outside and a new setting up inside, which allows the fitting of 7 different sized bedrooms for the accommodation of 20 to 22 guests and an area of social relations (reading, company games, conversation and relax). 

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Next to the barn, on the area left by demolished building, there is a light structure made of wood and glass, wich containes the restaurant and the event hall. The second bridge, located on the back of the barn, connects the restaurant with the guests’ bedrooms and the owners' house, wich is shape by the trees and the side river on which it faces. Still on the north side of the stone barn there is the beginning of the wooden walkway bridge that connecting the activitiesof the meditation camp: the sauna, the silence room and the meditation room. All small-sized buildings, with wooden structure and typology on stilts. The walkway gradually ascends to ensure an easy accessibility. It starts on ground zero at the restaurant and it reaches almost 3 meters in height at the meditation room and the silence room. We finally find the outer area of the meditation camp and the third crossing river bridge.

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