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One southern spring morning in 2009, Mr. Bene´ came to my land, which was full of dende palms, to reap the fruits. He made a very special dende oil. At the same time he was also a bricklayer, and other manual jobs that I was not aware of. But of one thing I was sure: he specialized in earth building. I told him that I would be very pleased to see the construction of an earth house as was done in Bahia, with the "pau a pique" system. Some time later he called to assist. He was building the walls of the restaurant of an Italian, with whom I would later become a great friend ... The study of ancient building systems, forms, techniques and materials used to be reused dialectically. I carried out research related to the profession that helped me understand the relationship of buildings with the environment and climate, and the consequent behavior of materials.

Minareto in Mali


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